Cast Tripleplay to star in your new hotel TV production: introducing support for Google Chromecast

The way people watch, stream and download content has changed dramatically over the past few years. Movies and TV shows are now at our fingertips and in a few seconds people can stream and watch their favourite content wherever and whenever they want.

One of the huge changes the IPTV world faces with video streaming technology is understanding how people access media content via on-demand subscription-services such as Netflix, Spotify and YouTube which allows the user to take their content with them anywhere they travel. Ensuring a home-from-home experience has become a pre-requisite. So with people carrying a movie library in their pocket, how do hotels offer a premium video experience to their guests?

Tripleplay’s Interactive IPTV Portal**, one of the world’s leading in-room entertainment and IPTV platforms, now supports secure Google Chromecast device streaming, enabling Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) for guests and enhancing their stay. Particularly in the hospitality industry, Google Chromecast Content Sharing will enhance a guest’s live-in experience. With the use of Tripleplay’s Interactive IPTV Portal guests can access their own content from a mobile device and watch it on their hotel TV.

Tripleplay Chromecast Support includes:

What are the core requirements?

Ensuring premium guest experience for hotels is hugely important, so the ability to securely stream Netflix and Spotify as they would normally offers them a true ‘home-from-home’ experience. Hotels no longer need to rely on constantly updating expensive movie and video on demand (VOD) library content, they can literally put the power in the guests’ hands with a touch of a button, allowing them to be in control of their own video streaming experience.

*Chromecast support is included from Tripleplay software release Caveman 2.0 and beyond. **Please check with your account manager for latest operating systems and app support.

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