Building employee engagement, increasing productivity, and keeping employees safe in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics areas – how easy is it?

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Spending time and resources building a strong company brand and a unified culture can be critical components for business success, reaping considerable rewards not just in financial terms, but ultimately in employee engagement and productivity. However, if not all areas of the business are engaged with the core values of an organization, time and resources spent become wasted.

This can be especially pertinent for those in manufacturing, warehousing and logistics areas where employees tend not to be desk based and may not be exposed to the same level of business information and metrics as those who have easy access to emails, messaging, video or other collaboration tools. They may also feel somewhat disengaged with other departmental activities and lack face-to-face contact with other teams who have no need to access the warehouse. So how does an organisation ensure these individuals remain engaged and productive?

Digital signage delivering dynamic communications

Many organizations have turned to the power of an integrated digital signage and IPTV platform as part of a unified communications strategy to deliver important messages, such as critical health and safety updates. Easy to revise and renew, unlike a printed poster, it is well documented that content which is regularly refreshed is more likely to garner attention and the messages more comprehensively absorbed than via a static display.

Utilizing the power of a single CMS provides centralized control, ensuring consistent and relevant content is delivered to each department across an organization. Tagging, plus User Rights and Permissions where only certain people can change and approve content will ensure warehouse employees won’t see information pertinent to other departments.

Installing digital displays managed from the CMS in high footfall areas in a warehouse, as well as reception areas and canteens can easily provide an instant, real-time snapshot of the business. The type of content which organizations may choose to share includes:

Many organizations also recognise the benefits of delivering live TV streams from the same platform, and employees can enjoy content such as:

Digital communications delivering greater levels of safety

Whether it is highlighting existing warehouse safety messages, reinforcing training, or keeping pace with changes in health protocols, a digital display which can immediately be updated with the latest health and safety messages, display occupancy levels to ensure social distancing or show live news broadcasts, is vital in keeping employees safe and aware of their responsibilities. This is paramount in helping to reinforce employee wellbeing as a high priority for an organisation as employees are better informed and feel more valued.

Live data feeds delivering real time updates for efficiency improvements

Capturing and ingesting content from a wide range of sources and redistributing them across an IP network to digital signage screens or as a standalone TV feed can display engaging content in real time and in multiple formats. The nature of the content will vary across different organizations but often includes key departmental metrics and performance data such as:

Delivering these to clearly visible digital displays can help to achieve a sense of collective responsibility across the team. If linked to KPIs or employee recognition awards, delivering dashboards of key production information can help achieve a greater level of achievement and output.

Engaged employees are more productive employees

The days of scruffy pin boards in warehouses with a messy patchwork of dog-eared, out of date notices are becoming a thing of the past as they’re replaced by engaging, eye-catching and informative digital signage, with content simply maintained and updated with a few keyboard clicks. Employees, wherever they are in the business, are equally well informed with key information easily accessible and are more likely to understand how their individual contribution benefits the business.

With the welcome addition of live TV feeds, scheduling broadcasts to play at lunch and break times or during major national and sporting events is another simple but effective way to further engage non desk-based staff in warehousing areas.

With the power and flexibility of digital signage and IPTV, businesses can help achieve their goals to build employment engagement, increase productivity and ensure a safe working environment – a win-win all round for employees and employers alike.

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