BrightSign Media Players

Combine the flexibility of Tripleplay’s industry leading IPTV and Digital Signage CMS platform with the power and reliability of BrightSign Media Players to create an unrivalled media delivery experience.

An integration that brings two of the industry’s biggest names together, BrightSign and Tripleplay delivers a modern, flexible, reliable and scalable platform for the delivery of IP media, TV and graphical content securely and professionally. BrightSign is supported on both Tripleplay’s on-premise digital engagement platform or on the Tripleplay Cloud.

BrightSign Media Players can be used as part of a mixed network of endpoints, allowing use alongside alternative brand media players and system-on-chip screen and display brands.

Tripleplay also supports our own PLAY3R-SP1 Digital Signage Media Player.

BrightSign Media Player


BrightSign LS
1080p Graphics
1080p Video
Low cost

BrightSign Sofwtare

BrightSign XD Series
1080p Graphics
4K HEVC Video
Dual video (HD/HD)

BrightSign Digital Signage Player

BrightSign XT Series
4K Graphics
4K HEVC Video
Dual Video Support (4K/HD)

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