Beyond Bedside TV: Digital in Healthcare

As expectations for access to digital technology in everyday lives continue to rise, so too has a certain pressure on healthcare institutions to deliver a digitally enhanced, patient centric experience.


Nowadays, patients expect a high level of comfort and easy access to a variety of modern conveniences throughout periods of care. One of the most anticipated is the availability of modern entertainment, information and communication services. However, existing and often outdated IT infrastructures, regulatory barriers and security concerns can make it difficult for many healthcare facilities to advance their technology offering.


But change is possible.


Harnessing digital media applications in the healthcare industry can bring about a number of benefits to a variety of areas, whether that be heightened patient satisfaction and awareness, improved internal communications, or increased convenience for clinical and medical staff.



Of all of the industries that must rely on accurate and reliable information, healthcare sits up top, with hospitals, doctor’s surgeries and care homes needing to remain relevant and timely at all times.


Choosing the right solution


Patient entertainment systems can take several different forms but the basis derives from a device to provide entertainment for patients, often in the form of IP television (IPTV), but can also include a wealth of additional services.


The most intuitive healthcare solutions on the market are those able to be fully tailored to the environment, audience and purpose, bringing greater coherence to digital channels, such as simpler, clearer and faster access to information, care videos and additional services and the ability for patients to actively take part in their own recovery and care.


So, what is the best solution?


There are a wealth of ways that digital media can play a part in any healthcare environment. With an ever increasing rise in the availability of high quality digital media services for healthcare, it is crucial that the facility selects a solution that will adhere to their initial requirements, aims and objectives.


There are many providers who can offer interactive digital television, offering patients access to free-to-air, subscription and satellite TV channels and video on demand content. However, in order to maximise the full potential of digital media in healthcare, an institution should seek a solution that can stretch beyond bedside TV.


The waiting room and reception areas for instance, are prime positions for a facility to utilise the power of digital media. A high quality digital signage system can be used to deliver important information in an engaging and eye catching manner, ensuring that targeted and relevant information is clearly visible to patients and visitors, whilst simultaneously helping to tackle anxiety, the perceived waiting time and through the use of effective advertising, generate revenue.


What’s more, incorporating feature rich video on demand services, a facility can deliver training content for employees in common rooms and staff areas and can also be offered to patients, to deliver aftercare training that they can access remotely from their homes, as part of their personal recovery plan.


Of all the industry sectors that can benefit from information management, healthcare is one of the principle candidates for a secure, multi-channel digital media network due to its ability to house and share relevant information as desired.


Choosing a future proof, cost effective and fully integrated digital solution can play a pivotal role in enhancing patient experience whilst simultaneously providing a true business solution for the facility, helping to distinguish themselves from the competition.

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