A.Roma Hotel

Tripleplay IPTV is technology of choice for Luxurious Italian hotel development

A.Roma Hotel in Rome, Italy is part of the Luxury, Dreams, Culture hotel group (LDC). With a portfolio of hotels in some of Italy’s most beautiful destinations, the four star lifestyle hotel is conveniently located nearby the City Centre, neighbouring the stunning Valle dei Casali Park and offering a sense of tranquillity and escapism from the bustling city. A Roma focuses on offering guests top level service which is reflected through the amenities on offer, setting the hotel apart from others.


The exclusive hotel opened in July 2015 and offers world class facilities and cutting edge technology, linking naturally to the Tripleplay solution.



Quality, simple user experience


The General Manager for A.Roma Hotel, Matteo Mancini, professed there were many specific requirements for the system, and with previous hotelier experience, Matteo knew just how important it is to have a user friendly platform.


This is where Tripleplay came to the forefront.


A.Roma already knew they wanted to use cat.6 cabling due to the LAN infrastructure of the hotel. Matteo stated “The system was to be used as part of the inroom customer experience here at A.Roma so our main objective was to have the best, state of the art technology to match the surroundings of the hotel. The quality of the IPTV and Digital Signage solutions at Tripleplay are very high, which is why we chose them.”


The Tripleplay system also manged to overcome two key issues the hotel had: “We definitely did not want two systems to manage the Digital Signage and IPTV and we wanted something easy to use. Tripleplay’s singleplatform solution was just what we desired and the management of the platform is extremely user friendly. I have found it a lot easier only having one platform to control for two solutions and it is very easy for guests to navigate too.


“In previous jobs, I have found the customisations of templates to be quite confusing, yet with Tripleplay, it is very simple to design. The combination of IPTV with Digital Signage means we can allow our guests to watch TV Channels whilst still being able to communicate messages to them.”


Personalised Service


The hotel adopted 45 television channels from numerous countries, including; Russia, England, Germany, Italy, France and Austria – catering for visitors from their most predominant client base.


Another requirement for A.Roma was to have one remote control for all systems on the TV, in order to keep entertainment simple for the guests. Due to Tripleplay’s solution having the ability to be integrated on to the Samsung Smart Screens, this was made possible as there was no need to control the Set Top Box too, hence customer experience and service reached the level we wished for.


Matteo concluded: “the system is everything we wanted and more. As a hotel, personal customisations for guests can really make a difference to the level of service, and Tripleplay have made it so easy for us to now do that. Templates can even change from room to room to give guests the service and communication they require.


“As a whole, I am thrilled with the system, and would definitely work with Tripleplay again. The journey from conception to implementation has been very smooth and reseller FreeNet were also excellent to help us achieve our goals.”

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