Planning your organization’s post-pandemic technology strategy

It might be a bit dramatic to say the world will never be the same again, but certainly, the way we work has shifted considerably. Many people are functioning differently and that will change the shape of our organizations and institutions forever. Businesses are being forced to rethink, strategize and reassess their technology infrastructure to accommodate the rapidly changing landscape of professional life, with a hybrid working model likely to become the norm for many businesses.

But what are the key considerations and how do we avoid a ‘quick fix’ solution, when culturally, we are likely to see long lasting change in the way we do business, the way we educate and the way we care for our vulnerable? Can we actually make any long-term plans when the situation seems to change from day to day?


Technology for now and the future

The world is responding to an immediate threat and effective communications is essential for organizations to not only stay safe but allow them to continue to grow and thrive in this difficult climate. However, good communications shouldn’t stop when the pandemic is over. For many, the rapid change of working environments has exposed the essential gaps in communications strategies that needs to be addressed; for now, and in the future.


When organizations are dealing with a dispersed workforce, instilling key messages, boosting morale and keeping those people engaged is a much greater challenge – video delivery becomes essential, not just on site, but to every corner of the business. Utilising a platform such as Tripleplay which allows you to send video content to displays, desktops and mobile devices, all from one central CMS can be a game-changer. This tried and tested technology is available immediately and can become the backbone of any communications strategy moving forwards.


Tripleplay has said it before, video is everywhere, that was true before, but it couldn’t be more prevalent now and for the future of working environments.


Engagement through content


When it comes to digital signage and IPTV solutions, it is important that the technology deployed can share vital health and safety information and internal communications in a streamlined and engaging way. The solution chosen needs to ensure people stay connected, stay secure and stay compliant, whether that’s having the flexibility to live stream CEO addresses or news announcements to the wider workforce (including field workers and people working from home), or displaying key health and safety messages in buildings for key workers to encourage and promote safe practice.


Every country, region and organization is adjusting to a constantly changing environment and wherever you are, there is enormous pressure to deliver key updates to your network, without using up time precious resources. Utilizing your screen real estate and the power of video is paramount; whether that’s distributing content to TV displays on site (including those in meeting rooms and huddle spaces), or desktops, laptops and mobile devices off-site. It is key that every person can receive relevant messages and information that is reassuring and engaging on subjects including:



No matter the content type, using a reliable platform to deliver that messaging is vital and makes sure everyone stays informed and your organization continues to thrive.


Reliability through an eco-system of technology partners


When deploying a digital signage and IPTV communications platform, it is important that you evaluate not only the strengths of the platform on its own, but what other technologies and manufacturers it integrates with. Software based platforms can integrate seamlessly with other manufacturers and, as they are not tied down to hardware costs or long development cycles, functionality and integrations can be added and updated regularly.


Tripleplay works with a large eco system of technology partners, including screen and media player manufacturers such as LG, Samsung and BrightSign, and its platform is deployed on enterprise grade HP Enterprise server technology. These partnerships ensure any investment is futureproof and reliable.


Tripleplay has utilized its product-set to help users manage the challenging climate that we are facing, however, the feature and functionality is not new. It is tried and tested technology deployed globally and is ready and in place to help organizations communicate, engage and succeed. Therefore, when making decisions about your organization’s COVID-19 technology strategy, doesn’t it make sense to use a platform that is ahead of the curve while we flatten the curve?


Is there a better time than the present?

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