2nd Gen Reserva Room Signs

Reserva Meeting Room Signs have larger displays which have been specifically designed for applications where visibility from a greater distance is required, such as hospitality.

Reserva is an intuitive meeting room signs solution with support for market leading calendar and timetabling systems used in corporate, education and hospitality industries

Book Meetings

  • Simple quick booking interface for immediate meetings. Simply set duration and ‘Book’
  • Book a meeting in the future either later on the same day or another day.
  • Full calendar view of current day, week and month
  • Override default meeting title with custom meeting title

Find Free Room

  • Where room is already in use see list of available rooms
  • Clear view of how long rooms are available for and what resources are available in each room
  • Choose a suitable room and complete the booking process on screen
  • Simple confirmation message to show booking has been accepted

Report Issues

  • Report issue with resource in the room e.g. teleconferencing, VC or display
  • Sends notification to support desk email address including all relevant information
  • Can optionally send notification to organizers of meetings in the room to allow alternative plans to be made
  • Icons change to inform other room users of the issue raised


Our management tools give you fine grain control over the configuration of your Reserva Meeting Room Signs. Configuration changes are made remotely and can be applied to individual screens or groups saving you time updating each screen in situ.


Your meeting room signage should blend seamlessly into your working environment and branding. We allow you to add you own logo to the display and also chose your preferred background style.


When connected to the ONELAN CMS room signs can be remotely monitored including remote screenshot, support snapshot and notifications if room signs are offline.


Best in class security framework based on ONELAN’s proprietary NTB Linux operating system. Update the full software stack remotely over the network benefiting from continual platform and security updates.

Digital Signage

Use your meeting room signs as a communications platform with multizone layout design and extensive playlist and scheduling controls.


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